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ICmyNet is a network management toolset specially tailored to meet NetAdmins needs in most efficient way.

Our solution is based on the following prinicples:
  • Easy, but efficient
  • Advanced usability
  • Powerful configurability
  • Get all what you need with minimal clicks

  • ICmyNet.Flow box

    ICmyNet.Flow is an application for deep network traffic investigation, analysis and reporting. It is based on NetFlow statistics, exported from your routers and switches to ICmyNet.Flow server. View more...


    - visualize traffic distribution by subnets, hosts, services and more
    - visualize traffic anomalies
    - save time with troubleshooting and diagnostics
    - easier network/application optimization
    - improves security

    *ICmyNet.Flow is now available under our Free Academic License Program. Read more...

  • media_header_slider

    ICmyNet.Media is web based network monitoring tool utilizing Cisco MediaNet technology to give you valuable insight in your media traffic (VoIP, video conferencing, Skype...)


    ciscocompatible- collect, save, analyze and visualize your media traffic
    - set your alarms – high Jitter, packet loss, dropped packets, loss rate etc.
    - recognize traffic by applications – NBAR or your own application definitions

    - see what you want to see - filter out everything else
    - stand-alone media monitoring – no additional modules required
    - multi-platform - Windows and Linux (Ubuntu and CentOS)



  • multilog_header_slider

    ICmyNet.MultiLog is web based application for managing Syslog and SNMP Trap available for Windows and Linux OS.


    - collect, filter and browse Syslog and SNMP Trap messages
    - visualize Syslog messages - by time, Severity and Exporters
    - easy and intuitive GUI - one-click filters and more

    - multi OS- Windows and Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS) operating systems
    - free MIB manager – get ICmyNet.MIB for free



  • mib_header_slider

    ICmyNet.MIB is a free web based MIB manager for Windows and Linux operating systems. Manage your devices, device policies (credentials) and MIB database fast and easy.


    - Browse, search, update your MIB database
    - Manage devices across your network remotely
    - MIB tree and tabular view of SNMP outputs
    - Supports SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, SNMPv3

    - Multi OS - available for Windows and Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS)
    - It's Free!


  • ICmyNet.DNS box ICmyNet.DNS is a free web service for testing the health of your DNS domain and DNS servers. You can test any public domain for errors and miss-configurations and get detailed DNS information.


    - Visualize DNS errors and server availability – get the system health at a glance
    - Error levels – prioritize easily
    - More than 30 tests in less then a minute – save time
    - IT'S FREE!



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