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ICmyNet.Media is web-based network monitoring tool utilizing Cisco MediaNet technology to give you valuable insight in your media traffic (VoIP, video conferencing, Skype...)


  • collect,save, analyze and visualize your media traffic
  • set your alarms – high Jitter, packet loss, dropped packets, loss rate...
  • application traffic – use NBAR or define your own applications
  • see what you want to see - filter out everything else
  • stand-alone media monitoring – no additional modules required
  • multi-platform - available for Windows and Linux
  • web-based – access it from anywhere
  • Free ICmyNet.MultiLog and ICmyNet.MIB



ICMyNet.Media Overview - Video and audio traffic analyzer

Rise in Media Traffic

Two main factors that contributed to a huge increase in media (video and audio) traffic in recent years are:

  • globalization - by expending business and personal contacts overseas
  • technology advancement - by allowing anybody to create, distribute and access video.

As a result, more and more people use media services. Some studies suggest that video will make 90% of network traffic by 2012. Recognizing the importance of media traffic, Cisco has developed Medinet technology.

What is Medianet?

Medianet is an intelligent network optimized for media traffic, a network that is:
  • media aware - type of media, media application etc
  • endpoint aware - computer, camera, iPod, smart phone etc
  • network architecture aware.
Medianet is achieved through three Cisco technologies: Performance Monitoring, Mediatrace and IP SLA Video Operation.
To quickly learn about Medianet, watch this cisco medianet video (3:40 min)

What Applications Would Benefit from Medianet?

  • video conferencing
  • VoIP
  • video streaming
  • webex
  • telepresence
  • video survailance
  • etc.

Why ICMyNet.Media?

ICMyNet.Media is web based network monitoring tool that allows you to quickly gain insight in your network media (video and audio) flows, using MediaNet Performance Monitoring (PM):
  • collect, save and analyze your media flow data
  • visualize your media traffic along the network path
  • enhance media traffic by locating and troubleshooting problems in your network
  • set alarms based on jitter, packet loss, dropped packets and loss rate or their combination
  • recognize applications generating media flows
  • define your own media applications and expand NBAR based application recognition
  • filter out everything but the media flows you are really interested in
  • stand-alone media traffic monitoring tool, no need for additional modules
  • available for Windows and Linux (Ubuntu and CentOS)
  • web-based, access it from anywhere


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