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ICmyNet.Flow Glavni Baner

ICmyNet.Flow is an application for deep network traffic investigation, analysis and reporting. It is based on NetFlow statistics, exported from your routers and switches to ICmyNet.Flow server.


  • visualize traffic distribution by subnets, hosts, services and more.
  • detects traffic anomaly
  • saves your time with troubleshooting and diagnostics
  • easier network/application optimization
  • improves security


  • Web based Windows and Linux application
  • Cisco NetFlow 5 and 9 support (or equivalent: j-Flow, NetStream etc.)
  • Flow statistics based on IP subnets, Hosts, Applications, Protocols, QoS, AS numbers
  • All flows are archived and available for later analysis
  • Detailed configurable reporting

Original Approaches:

  • Traffic Patterns – defining the traffic of interest
  • Traffic analysis – based on traffic patterns instead of physical interfaces
  • IP Subnets Hierarchy – all statistics are available for each subnet
  • Blocked traffic statistics – allows security attempts awareness
  • Self monitoring of system performances
  • Flow based licensing - enables an unlimited number of exporters and interfaces

Users' Experiences:

  • Easy to install and maintain, even easier to use
  • Full drill-down analysis with minimal clicks
  • Intuitive and impeccably designed user interface
  • Designed to meet network administrators needs and behavior
  • Statistics are based on traffic patterns and individual subnets, which makes them more useful then statistics based on physical interfaces
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