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ICmyNet.DNS is a free web service for testing the health of your DNS domain and DNS servers. You can test any public domain for errors and miss-configurations and get detailed DNS information.


  • Visualize DNS errors and server availability – get the system health at a glance
  • Error levels – prioritize easily
  • More than 30 tests in less then a minute – save time
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ICmyNet.DNS Overview - Free DNS testing web service

Why test your DNS?

  • DNS is the most important part of net infrastructure. If it fails, there is no user communication, no e-mails, web, even if your Internet connection is working perfectly.
  • DNS is made to be resilient – if all but one of your servers crash, DNS will work and you will not notice the risk. Once the last server fails – it is already too late to react.
  • DNS was not made for protection - it has some security risks, such as server allowing public zone transfer or recursion.
  • DNS settings are mostly handled manually – this is prone to errors, especially when there are a lot of servers to maintain.
  • DNS is a distributed system, servers are in different administrative domains - this demands synchronization of server configuration and maintenance between administrators. The synchronization on parent servers (which are outside of your administrative domain) is especially important, because your domain will not be reachable if your servers are out of sync with parent servers.
  • Computer network change over time: servers are being added, IP addresses are being changed. This demands the DNS configuration to be up to date. This is especially hard with domain data on parent servers because these servers are not in your administrative domain.

Why you?

  • DNS tests are important to anyone who has his own domain.
  • Domain providers (domain hosting) have a strong interest to keep their domains error free.
  • DNS administrators can test DNS for errors before registering new servers or domains to parent servers.

Why ICmyNet.DNS?

  • Visualization makes it easy - DNS tests provide a lot of information and graphical approach, instead of lists or tables, allows you to scan your system health fast.
  • Automated testing – faster and more convenient than typing manual commands, retrieving data from several servers, reading and analyzing number of text lines.
  • More than 30 tests at once – each providing you with valuable information.
  • Prioritize easily with Error levels - DNS problems are prioritized into Critical errors, Errors and Warnings, allowing you to efficiently recognize problems.
  • Localize problems with Domain and Server errors - errors are divided by relevance into domain and server errors, quickly giving you the scale of the problem.
  • Quickly access specific information – by selecting the desired server or domain from the main panel.
  • User oriented – try it, rate it and send us your feedback. We will improve our free tool to best suit your needs.


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